Samsung Galaxy S4, White 16GB (Verizon Wireless)


  • Display: 5.0-inches
  • Camera: 13-MP
  • Processor Speed: 1.9 GHz
  • OS: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is thinner and lighter than the S III, yet it packs a larger 5-inch Super AMOLED display, with durable Gorilla Glass 3. Other improvements include a faster 1.9GHz quad-core processor, 13-megapixel camera, super-sensitive touch screen, and infrared universal remote control. The S4 can also detect hand gestures over the display and comes equipped with 16GB internal memory, and a microSD memory card slot for additional storage. Other features of this device include LTE high-speed data, 2-megapixel front camera, removable battery, and quadband GSM along with WCDMA modes for international use. Use this device to access thousands of apps, games, movies, books, and music on Google’s Play Store.

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  1. Amazon Customer says:
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    Samsung Galaxy S4 Thorough Review, May 24, 2013
    Amazon Customer (WI) –

    Before I picked up my Galaxy S4, I had the Galaxy Note II. I put my Note II up for sale online before my S4 was supposed to arrive, and it sold around two weeks before the S4 was supposed to be released, so for the two weeks before my S4 arrived, I had been living with a Droid X. Keep this in mind during my review, as my findings may have been slightly tainted by the fact that the S4 is such a massive upgrade from the Droid X, which I can hardly consider to be a “modern phone” anymore. Anyway, I’d like to go through the S4’s hardware (screen, construction, camera, internals) then its software and any miscellaneous things I hadn’t mentioned so far.


    The Galaxy S4’s screen is unbelievably high quality. It is a 4.99″ 1920 x 1080 panel, and colors are extremely sharp and vivid. Text looks fantastic, and because the resolution is so high, I haven’t had a problem decreasing the font size to fit more information on my display. The display is 441 pixels per inch; in comparison, the S3’s is 308 ppi, a 43% increase! The screen is a massive improvement from the S3 or the Note II. Super AMOLED HD panels like this one make colors really pop, which isn’t a problem for me, but some people prefer to have a more realistic/neutral panel on their phones. There is a display setting that you can adjust to make the screen more neutral though, which should help alleviate any issues people have with the S4’s standard setup.

    Physical Construction/Phone Exterior

    The Galaxy S3 was said by Samsung to be inspired by nature, so they made it with very curved sides like a pebble. With the S4, this mantra is refined a little bit. There is a metallic band that circles the phone’s sides, and the swooping curves of the S3’s back are straightened out a little. The result looks significantly more sophisticated and “grown up” than the S3. The back of the phone has a “Hyperglaze” finish with a light pattern printed on it, which is interesting but not distractingly so. The pattern is not very easy to see unless you hold the phone close to you or at an angle from a light source. I chose the white S4 because I think white may hide scratches and scuffs better than black, but both colors are enticing. One thing I am happy about is that this phone doesn’t have Verizon’s garish logo plastered right onto the home button like it was on the Note II. Make no mistake though, Verizon’s version of the S4 still has a jumbo Verizon logo as well 4G LTE one on the phone’s back. I would definitely get a replacement back without these ugly logos if I didn’t use a case.

    The volume, power, and home buttons are all substantially upgraded from Samsung’s previous phones. They have a nice satisfying click, they don’t wobble, and they are easy to feel without looking. I especially like the fact that the S4’s home button is in the middle of the bottom bezel, instead of at the bottom like it was in the S3. Speaking of bezels, this phone has practically none. This phone feels like all screen basically, which explains how Samsung got a 4.99″ screen into a body that is actually slightly smaller than the S3’s body (which had a 4.8″ screen), making it the smallest ~5″ 1080p phone in the world! Even though the S4 is larger than an iPhone, it feels much more compact due to the great use of space and tiny bezels.

    A few more things: the S4 feels very light, but the metallic band around the phone makes it feel sturdy. Also, the screen is covered in Gorilla Glass 3 – although you probably can’t scratch it with your keys, I still wouldn’t recommend dropping it a lot. I bought a soft touch plastic case on Amazon from Elago for my S4 and I really like it, as it keeps the phone more protected while not making it look like an ugly brick. I still love how the power button is on the side of the S4 (unlike phones like the HTC One or the iPhone 5), as it feels like a much more natural position for turning the phone on and off when in your hand.


    The Galaxy S4 has a quad core Snapdragon 600 processor and 2 GB ram, and in my time so far, I still haven’t seen any of the occasional lag I felt when I tried a S4 out at AT&T (maybe this is what took Verizon an extra month in releasing the S4). The international version of the phone has 8 cores – a low powered quad core processor for idling and a high powered quad core processor for doing more intensive tasks. I’m a little disappointed that the U.S. didn’t get that processor, but the Snapdragon 600 is no slouch. Regardless, I have gotten fantastic LTE service everywhere I’ve visited with the S4 so far.

    The S4 comes with a 13 MP camera (although its set to take 9.6 MP photos by default). This camera is definitely an upgrade from anything else on the market. Not only does it capture a huge amount of detail in photos, but the software has so many useful features too. There are plenty of different modes to take pictures with, but the ones…

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  2. BarbZ says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Device, Beautiful Screen. *** UPDATED ***, June 4, 2013

    I’ve been waiting for this phone for months, while also planning on switching carriers at the same time. Here’s what I like about the phone:

    Beautiful screen – for those of us who don’t have perfect vision, this screen is very readable. The fonts are an appropriate size, with good contrast.

    Nice speed. The screen is responsive, and allows multiple windows to be open at once.

    Screen size: For certain apps, I.e. the kindle app, this screen approximates an e-reader very well (as opposed to reading on a smaller phone screen.)

    The interface is very thoughtfully designed. Great job, Samsung! Unobtrusive, noninvasive methods of accessing critical apps are available from almost anyplace on the phone.

    Icons/graphics are adorable, and creatively designed. No boring manila folders on this phone! Your folders show contents from the outside of the folder… Cute.

    Ease of use: There is a little bit of a learning curve on this phone (I had the Samsung Epic previously), but I’ve pretty much figured it out in a few hours. It’s going to be great. Once you get the hang of the graphics, it’s really quick to move things around, personalize, etc.

    It really blurs the boundary between a tablet and a phone, without becoming too huge, like the Note (which I am now glad I did not buy).

    Voice quality: I’d read reviews in the last few days that state that it is not very good… I think it’s fine. The sound is clear, and volume is fine.

    One of my favorite apps for Android: Out of Milk. Running out of groceries? Scan the bar code into one of your shopping lists, (or input by voice or typing), and your shopping list is complete. I keep a running shopping list for Trader Joes, and my other local market. When I go to the store, I simply move the items I need to the top of the list, and go for it! No more paper lists!

    One heads up: (carrier, not phone related): check on Visual Voicemail…. I use it all the time, and really like it. I was surprised to discover that I had to pay for it as an add on with Verizon…. It was part of my Sprint service previously.

    ** UPDATE **

    I’ve had the phone for almost a week, and it’s simply a PLEASURE to use! Lots of nice touches: pop up asking if you’d like to add someone to your contacts after a call from a non contact, for example.

    Camera: is great. I photographed an entire exhibit in a museum…. No flash, in dark rooms, and the photos are stunning.

    Battery life: surprisingly good! I used the phone all day yesterday, on and off trains where it would have been seeking service in tunnels (usually drains battery quicker), used my Kindle app, made calls, sent texts and emails, and I still had 60% at the end of a ten hour day.

    Battery recharging: using the charging cord that comes with the phone, it charges in no time… A couple of hours at most. I’ve been amazed at the recharge speed, compared to my previous phone.

    Kindle app is like a baby Kindle… there’s just enough on the page to not feel like you are only reading a few sentences at a time like on some smaller devices.

    I’m so pleased with my choice, I hope you enjoy it, also.

    (And in case this is helpful to anyone: if you are debating about a case, I have the Seidio holster case… Please see my review.)


    UPDATE 2: June 9

    The phone continues to work beautifully, but I wanted to give everyone a head’s up:

    Careful how you delete your photos. I thought I was deleting one picture, and deleted everything by accident! Back up your photos before you delete anything. Also, I wouldn’t delete anything until you figure out the camera interface…. I hadn’t had a chance to do a backup. And, read the ‘confirm” carefully. It said do you want to delete this album… I didn’t realize it was more than one photo until I hit ‘yes’, and there was no way to stop the delete at that point.

    Luckily, I had emailed some of the photos, so I had a few of them, but the rest are gone.


    UPATE 3: June 22

    Still loving the device. I use the camera daily…. Photo quality blows me away. It’s great.

    Check out the Samsung spare battery/ charger for the S4…. Please see my review. Very nice set.


    UPATE 4: July 6

    I dropped the phone the other day from about 5 feet onto a hard floor. In the Seidio case, the phone was fine…. Please see my review of the case for more info.


    UPATE 5: October 11

    I took some casual photos on my phone. They were good enough to use in a professionally produced brochure. The photos are stunning!

    Enjoy this great device! Questions? Drop a note, and I’ll get back to you.


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  3. Mike says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    I’m taking a break from Apple! (hopefully Apple Fanboys won’t attack :), May 24, 2013
    Mike (Long Island, NY) –


    Still loving my S4. I didn’t upgrade early since the S5 is not significantly different than the S4. I will wait for the S6. I’m debating whether I will join Verizon Edge. Did anyone join it? What are your thoughts?

    The battery still is pretty good. I’ve had no lockups or issues with my phone except when I dropped it one too many times and cracked it. Luckily I had the Geek Squad full warranty ($9.98 per month) since I bought my phone from Best Buy and they replaced it at no charge. I’m allowed unlimited replacements which is fantastic. I tried to get a S5 as my replacement but they didn’t succumb to my personal charm and cuteness :)

    Verizon Wireless released Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat yesterday. You can now move all your apps to your SD card.

    *10/14/13 Still loving my Galaxy S4. My wife wanted to stay with Apple so I got her the 5S. Eh, S4 is better in my opinion :) Still not looking back. Sorry Apple, sorry iPhoners :)
    *Mirroring the Pepsi/Coke 80’s commercial, my daughter looked at the 5S and my phone; played with her app on both phones, then put my wife’s phone down and continued with my phone. Since then, she has eyes for my phone only.*

    *October News*
    Verizon updated Android to 4.3

    I’ve had an iPhone since 2009. When I watched the Apple conference to see the iPhone 5, I really wasn’t impressed. a few years ago when I picked up my 4S and after the return date, I saw the GS3. I was very impressed with it however, I was hesitant with Android since my wife had a Droid Incredible 2 which died a little after a year when she got it. Talking with some people who have the GS3, they said that they loved it, it’s easy to use, and Android has gotten better over the course of time. At that time, the Android market in my opinion seemed like a disaster. Apple did a nice job streamlining everything (app market, itunes etc). Every so often when I had to go to the Verizon store, I would be attracted to the GS3 floor model. Since my upgrade date was coming soon, I thought that it’s time for Apple and I to go our separate ways, be just friends. “We were on a break!!!”

    So to cut this short before I get hate mail for typing a long a$$ boring review; here goes:

    I’ve been with Verizon Wireless since 2005. I also have Verizon FIOS (TV, Phone, Internet). Having FIOS is great since I don’t use any minutes when calling home or when my wife calls me 5 times in a day on some occasions. The record amount of phone calls is held by her, yepp you guessed it, her mom hehe :) tell my wife and I’ll deny it!

    I was slightly hesitant to switching to a GS4 as I’ve read some reviews from Apple owners and claimed that the phone felt weird and they dropped the phone several times. “It’s slippery,” is what I heard. Well, I can say that’s certainly not the case when I picked it up. Actually, it feels quite nice. People complain about the plastic (poly-carbonate casing) being a finger magnet but that’s why they make cases for phones. Also, what phone has a anti-fingerprint casing? Eh, I don’t care. The white casing really doesn’t show many fingerprints and I have a silicon casing around it so, problem solved! The funny thing is that the casing I have on it, doesn’t even have fingerprints on it, so there you go!

    The screen is a thing of beauty! I know the iPhone 4S is older but the 5″ AMOLED screen is gorgeous. I love the edge to edge screen. It seems the lock screen was changed. I remember the GS3 had what looked like a pond and if you tapped it to unlock your phone, it would show ripples. Sadly, it’s not on the GS4. If anyone knows if it is available, please chime in.

    I’m really really shocked at how light and thin this phone is. I would have thought that if I put this phone in my back jeans pocket, it would pull my pants down which would cause a national emergency. Nope! Contrary to popular belief, this phone is still small enough to fit in all jeans pockets and I didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction. Those of you that were thinking and going to if if I did…PERV! 😉

    The battery is pretty good. I usually wouldn’t be able to last a little more than a half day with my 4S. I love the fact that the battery is replaceable as the back cover does come off. My iPhones always seem to have battery issues after a little over a year of use. Well, this time, I can just buy a new battery! YAY! Under the back cover, you can replace the battery and add storage since that’s where the micro sd card slot is located as well. Right now I have a 32GB micro SD card installed in my phone. You can only place photos, videos, and music on the card. No apps which is a shame. *Note* my battery was almost dead so at 9:05, I plugged it into my desktop computer and as of 11:30pm it’s saying Charging 69%. Wow that battery is huge. It took my iPhone a little over an hour to be fully charged!

    Many will probably call me dumb…

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